Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Time flies...

       This morning I met with a couple ladies for breakfast at Krispe Kreme (love that place) and we got to talking about school.  This year Andrew will be in 2nd grade and Leland will be going into Kindergarten.  It is so hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that Leland is ready for Kindergarten…in my eyes he is still my little baby. He just seems so small and little that all the older kids are going to trample him.  I was super sad when Andrew started Kindergarten but oddly enough not as worried. I think maybe it was because Andrew is bigger; he looks a grade older than he is. Leland; however, look like a 5 year old (to me anyways) and is such a sweet kind hearted little boy I just don’t want him to be bullied.    Last year, before Bentley was born and Andrew was in 1st grade Leland and I were a team. We went everywhere together and I will cherish those memories, he was my little sidekick.  I am so proud of who my little boy is growing up to be.  The first day of school is going to be hard…I can barely get through this.  I am so glad that I got a little one on one time with each of my little guys. Andrew was 2 ½ when Leland was born and Leland was 5 when Bentley was born…those moments are so special in my heart. I think school would be much harder if I didn't have Bentley to focus on and am thankful for the one on one time we will have.

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