Monday, August 22, 2011

Family...School...6 months!!

     I went to Illinois to celebrate my Grandpa's 80th birthday, he had no idea of the party or that his family was coming in town. It was a great surprise and I loved seeing his face. I also got to spend a lot
 of time with my sister, Lois. We've had our rough times when we were younger but now that we've grown both of us have realized how close we have become. I truly feel that I have gained a best friend in her and miss her to peices. Her and her husband plan to come for Christmas...I cannot wait! I will also get to see my nephew Clayton. He is such an awesome little guy and I miss him; however, I don't think I miss him nearly as much as Leland does! They are about 10 months apart but get along so great! They're favorite past time was catching frogs and playing cars. Clayton called Leland on the phone recently and Leland's face lit up like it was Christmas time...melted my heart. I love that they are so close and hope, despite the distance, it remains that way.

   Andrew and Leland started school last week and I am not sure who was more ready...

or them! It will be a rough year; however, as we have learned that Andrew is nearly one year behind in his reading and language skills.  I cannot say that this is a huge surprise as I could tell  he struggled a bit througout Kindergarten and 1st grade but I did not know he was struggling this bad. It was never brought to my attention to this extent and I now feel that it is my fault, that I should have done more. All I can do now if move forward and help him as much as possible. I just fear that Andrew will think he is different, in a bad way, and I never want him to think that.

    Bentley is 6 months! I cannot believe how time and just flown by! I love to see him grow and learn new things but sad to see it happen so fast. He is really developing his own personality and is such a happy little guy. He is now eating solids which I am proud to say are made by me. I througly enjoy making his baby food and plan to do so for as long as possible.
I am part of a group of mom's whogave birth around the same time and it is neat to see how each of our little one's are developing and such different rates. I have never met these ladies but we share such a special common bond and hope that our friendships last. much has happend. This year has been a crazy ride so far and I am sure it is just going to get more wild...better put on my seatbelt!

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