Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Pinteresting...Pictures...and "When I grow up"

        I have been “pinteresting” (yes….I just deemed that a word) for what seems like hours now, you sure can get lost in there! If you do not know what it is you MUST check it out  My mom and I have finally gotten Bentley’scrib together this week (thanks mom) and now his room will begin to take shape.I have so many ideas and luckily each one is fairly cheap and can be made by me (and all of those who I have voluntarily volunteered) J. The house will get put together eventually room by room. Andrew’s has a Colt’s theme and Leland…well,Leland changes his mind A LOT (just like his momma) so by the time we get tohis we shall see. All my ideas are “pinned” on pinterest if you care to see these ideas.
        We hung out withfamily this holiday weekend which included a lot of barbequing (which my husband is a master of) and swimming.  Swimming with my family brought back memories of when I was younger and we used to swim quite often. I would swim with my dad and race him…I still can’t beat him but I still do enjoy trying. Reminds me of all the fun times we had as a family. I hope that when my boys get older they have as many happy memories as I do.

Had Bentley’s 6 month photos taken today He has mastered the art of sitting up...a skills he is very proud of.

Leland came home
with his very first library book yesterday and was so proud. He has to make sure it is in its spot every night before bed.  Told me he loves the book so much he is going to ask if he can keep it longer and was ecstatic when I told him you are able to re-check books out.  His new “when I grow up” is a teacher but only if he can help Mrs. Punnell (his teacher). I love that he loves learning so much!

        Andrew is being tested for a few things regarding his limitations in learning.  I am actually looking forward to them as I would rather have an answer than sit in the dark watching the issues get worse.  Despite the struggles he still loves to learn. His favorite subject is science and has decided to become a marine biologist. I don’t care what my children end up doing in life as long as they are happy.
       We don’t always know where we are supposed to be in life or that if where we are is the right place. We were never given a GPS (believe me I wish we were). There are days when I feel like I am on the right path and days that I feel like I've been walking miles in the wrong direction. I am graduating in April with my Bachelors in Psychology, a field I have a passion for. However, what I will do after this I don’t know and part of me feels that I have already failed for not knowing. My sister recently told me maybe where I am is where God wants me to be, a mother of 3 beautiful boys and a wife to a loving husband. I worry so much about the future that the present is the past before I even knew of its presence.  I have vowed to change….how, I do not know but I do know it will be for the better.

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