Sunday, September 11, 2011

They deserve to be honored and respected

     This is a bit out of character for me but after reading so many posts placed on "Facebook" I wanted to share what was on my mind. It is not ment to offend.

      9, 11....alone these numbers mean little but together their meaning is endless. I never lost anyone in the 9/11 attack and I thank God for that but that does not exclude me from the many to think of it almost daily. As I read through facebook this morning I was not surprised to see so many references to that tragic day; however what I would have liked to see is less hate. All of the men and women who died that day deserve more respect than an argument of what and how it happen. Some believe it was a governmental conspiracy while some do not. Ten years later this is still a fight and the reality of the event still causes grief and sorrow in many. Any other day politically and personally dispute your opinion but today just honor and respect those who died and those brave enough serve in all respects, for not only our country but all who deserve freedom. No matter the cause they didn't ask to die that day and they deserve to be remembered.
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