Saturday, March 10, 2012

Barbecue season is here!

When I first started this blog I was so was something I had wanted to do but wasn't sure I could. It has been a while, yes, but I am still here! So much had happened...both good and bad but I prefer to focus on the good. I cannot believe the school year is almost over! Where did the time go? I am usually not looking forward to summer but this year I am counting down the days for several reasons. One of which being that we have a pool and I can't wait to just lay around by it and relax while my boys swim like fish. I bought a hat yesterday (I've always wanted one just for the occasion of laying around soaking up some sun while reading and looking good of course).

     Bentley officially one! His sock monkey birthday party was a huge success and everyone had fun. I made monkey cupcakes and cake pops and Ryan grilled (of course). Bentley shares a birthday with Angie my sister in law so of course we had to surprise her with a little song as well...we love you Angie.

   Andrew was awarded student of the month last month and with all the struggles he had in beginning I couldn't be more proud. I am hoping we can continue to send him there next year, that school has been a blessing.

Today is going to be filled with great family time as Ryan's family is coming over for a barbecue later. The weather is perfect and I am looking forward to visiting, eating some yummy food that my amazing grill master of a husband whips up, and soaking in those rays ( with SPF of course). Hopefully it won't be so long next time.


Almost forgot to mention...don't forget to keep those fingers crossed. Manning's in town to talk with the Cardinals, they better bring their A-game...that man is worth every penny...or should I say million??

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