Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Bring it on 2013!

You’d think that now the Holiday season is over that time would slow and everyday tasks would not be so chaotic…nope, not in my case. I actually think they are more hectic and crammed with “to-dos;” however, I am proud to say that I have gotten my Christmas decorations down and put away. Actually put away this year even (last year they spent 365 days in our playroom in boxes).  My husband is so proud of me…

One of the pet peeves hate post-Christmas is the numerous advertisements from companies declaring that “Santa” surely did not bring all the things you wanted and now there is a sale for that. Before Christmas these companies practically write your wish lists for you and afterwards they attempt to convince you that your Christmas was not all you expected.  What happen to the meaning of Christmas? Don’t get me wrong I love receiving gifts just as much as the next person and I find great joy in giving but being with family and taking time to savor the memories last a lot longer than any perfume, toy,watch, etc. Well…that was my two scents (more like .50).

What can I say...I love wrap?!

Christmas gift from my mom...love! I am wearing them below!
Our Christmas was wonderful and followed by an exciting New Year’s Eve complete with a light show.  Christmas morning we did our tradition of opening a few presents (we only open “Santa’s” and the ones from us or Ryan’s family since they are not here) followed by a breakfast specially made by my super talented husband. My family comes over later in the day for Christmas dinner; we cook the bird and my mom usually brings the rest.  She can make a mean seven-layer salad (no holiday is complete without), cheese ball, and sweet potatoes. It is nice gathering around the table and just sharing stories and laughing. Then it is of course followed by more gifts.  A few years back the adults in my  family decided to begin Secret Santa (well…it is never really a secret because someone …ahem…mom always figures is out) because of how costly it was becoming. It has turned out to be a pretty fun tradition…until I am asked to list my gift list and I go blank. This year it was a caboodle and my sister about died laughing. I remember when they were super popular but so cheap, bright and plastic…needless to say I never owned one then. They sure have improved…both in style and quality, I am proud to say I am a happy owner of caboodle (thanks mom  a.k.a Santa…shh).

I was also very spoiled by my boys and hubby…he hit it right on the money this year (although I was not shy with the hints). My hubby spoils me all year long so Christmas is just an added bonus and this one did not disappoint. The only things that could have made it better was having ALL our families here and LOTS of snow!!

New Year’s Eve included lot of fireworks courtesy of Ryan and my brother Daniel.  We lit off countless light shows all nightlong ending in a 3 minute long spectacular by Daniel and a little champagne splash from Ryan. We bought the bottle last year; therefore, it took him about 5minutes to open the darn thing…I almost grabbed him a knife. (lol). Bentley loved the light show and the kids enjoyed the sparklers.

 My favorite part was releasing the Chinese lanterns attached with our wishes. I am one blessed lady so there is not much to wish for but again…I am a woman so I thought of at least one ;).

So far the year has been good to us…busy …but good.  Bennie Bear is having trouble staying in his bed at night and so it has been taking us about two hours every night to get him asleep. Oddly though it is usually only on the nights when Ryan is home. I think it is because he misses him and wants to spend that time with him…he is 100% daddy’s boy.
After a few weeks of slacking the coupon-ing (and blogging…sheesh…I am surprised I remember how to type…are you all out there or have to deemed me a lost cause?) and slowly but surely getting back in the game. Hopefully I will be able to share my coupon-ing finds at some point. You think one measly coupon will do no good? After spending 5.85 on an $82.10 bill…you will think again!
Poll: Would you like to see my listed savings? If so, what type of information would you like included?

I didn’t make any NewYear’s resolutions this year…I have goals, yes, as I think everyone should.However, I am starting to live each day as it comes. Focusing on the small goals and celebrating the ones accomplished. We thrive on achievements and being able to visually see those goals we reach only motivates us to keep going. I am happy with where I am. I am blessed to be a stay-at-home mother, I have 3 beautiful boys, and wonderful (and handsome husband) and a family God knew I needed. This year I hope for health, wealth, and happiness not just for me but for my loved ones as well. I guess if I did have one resolution…it would be to have more confidence in myself. Believe in myself as much as my loved one’s do.

Whatever your resolution or goal I wish nothing but success and don’t criticize yourself for set backs…if they did not exist we would not know they true joy in overcoming challenges.

Here’s to a great(and hopefully successful) New Year… Happy 2013 everyone!

 Necklace: Goodwill
Earrings: Christmas gift (thanks mom!)
Watch: Michael Kors (Nordstroms)
Bracelet: Christmas gift (thanks again  Mom!)
Black tank: Target
Sweater :  Goodwill (Target Brand)
Lori Jewel