Saturday, March 10, 2012

      I had a wonderful time on my trip to Illinois. I spent much of my time with my sister Lois and wouldn’t change a thing. We both have noticed how much closer we have gotten in our last few visits and continue to do so. Our relationship means the world to me, in a way I feel like I have gained a best friend. I am not the only one though; Leland and Clayton (my sister’s son) love playing with each other and have the BEST relationship. It makes me sad to know we live so far but they’ve already talked on the phone once and talk about each other all the time.
The boys started school on Monday
and love it…so far, lol! Leland has had a colored themed week which will
continue for the next few. He thinks the idea is fun, he has to wear a shirt
with the color of the day and bring a picture with something of that color…Monday
was brown day.  He had no issues with
heading off to school which was a total change from Andrew who cried for the
first week.  It was comforting to know
that he was ready emotionally but sad too.
I met with Andrew’s teacher
yesterday regarding his learning skills. I had gotten a message from her the day before saying she was “concerned
about a few of his skills.” She didn’t say which ones, I already knew.  Even though I knew I was still scared as to
what she was going to say.  One year
behind…I was shocked. I knew he struggled a bit but had no idea it was that
bad.  I think I just kept telling myself
it would get better and it would click. His last school mentioned only briefly that
he was struggling a bit but placed him in a reading program and never heard
another word. I think now, should I have asked more? Pushed harder? I guess I
figured if there was a strong deficit they would tell me.  As of now we are not sure what will happen
but she suggested reading! Read! Read! And that is what we are doing. I bought
him a book of short stories I know he can read and I also bought a book on CD
(she suggested it would help with his confidence and memorization).   
Bentley is now 6 months and I
cannot believe it…how time has sure flown by! I am loving every moment of him
growing but sad that it is happening so fast. I am part a group of mom’s who
all delivered around the same time and I love watching our little ones grow “together.”
Being able to share what is happening and seeing how different each baby is is
neat and wonderful. I have never met these mommas but feel very close to each
one as we have all shared so many things and have one very special common
bond.  I hope our friendships never

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