Saturday, July 23, 2011

The hunt is over...

Well, the house is over…finally. We received notice yesterday that our loan has cleared and we will be signing the closing papers next week.  This has been quite the journey; one I think we thought would have gone so much smoother. 
The hunt began about a year or so ago with a different realtor than we have now.  We met him at a random open house that we went to (and totally regret going to now).  **I would like to add a little something here. When your mom suggests something very logical and sounds right….listen to her. Even when you are 27 years old…your mom is still right!** My mom mentioned a woman from church who is a realtor who they work with and are pleased with but no we went on our own (guess it was another life lesson).  We started the house hunt immediately and it immediately went downhill…actually I am not sure it ever went up.  First of all, if you ever see a man in a black suit driving a gray minivan drive away! This man would drive, hold his laptop (for GPS and other information) and talk on the phone all at the same time….yes, same time. Needless to say we started driving ourselves. Seriously, get a GPS or at least print out the maps prior to. He also talked very loudly as if we were deaf (well, we kind of were after talking with him for long periods of time). While working with this realtor we lost 2 homes because of his lack of knowledge and inability to communicate. However, some good comes from just about everything…
We now work with Debbie Good (the woman from church recommended by my mom…see, should have listened (boy, if I had a nickel for every time I said that). She worked hard and diligently to get us into a home of our own, in fact the home we are purchasing is one she found and said “This one is for you.” She knows us so well. We are lucky to have chosen to work with Debbie; otherwise…we would still be looking. Thanks Debbie for ALL your hard and dedicated work.
So here we are a year and a half later packing and getting ready for the next chapter in our lives.  It’s been a journey and; although, we wanted it to happen faster I know that it all happened exactly when it was suppose to.

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