Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mom, Movies, and Memories

     Yesterday my mom came over and spent the whole day, I love those days.  We were suppose to be organizing Bentley's would be room; however, as usual we never did get to it.  Instead we just hung out and ended up watching the Lincoln Lawyer. Pretty good movie but I have to say I liked the book better.  Mondays are the days my mom and I spend together, it has been this way since...well, I can remember. These are the moments I will remember forever and ones I will always cherish. We can spend all day doing absolutely nothing yet it will be the best day.  I then spent the evening doing homework (I tried to talk my mom into a sleep over but I guess we are to old for that stage) as it was finals day.  I will be done with my Bachelors in April and let me tell you that time could not come soon enough!

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