Thursday, July 21, 2011

Out With the Old

          Another lazy day…sort of. Been going through my closet getting rid of things that I never wear (and for good reason…wow).  I’ve come to the realization that I will not fit into many of the jeans I once did and I am surprisingly ok with that.  Also picking out a few heels for my little sister, she loves to wear them while she is here so I thought I’d let her have a pair (your welcome mom). Bentley finally fell asleep after a long hard fight ( I think he is teething) and so I am taking a moment to sit down before I get back to organizing and cleaning. I cannot imagine the revenue of the companies who sell items relating to organization (book, magazines, and gadgets).  I buy a new planner like every 6 months cause I feel more on top of things and organized when I do (don’t ask why). When I know I need to clean and have NO motivation I will buy a new cleaning agent or air freshener, for some reason this totally puts me in the mood (seriously…try it!). I love the idea of an organized house but for some reason no matter how hard I try can never accomplish one. My hope for the new house is a new beginning. I want an organized and beautifully decorated home. Get ready friends…I am going to need help!
        I am so proud of my friend Chrissy who has begun her own photography business.  Her determination, hard work, and TALENT have gotten her so far. In just a few short months she has developed a large client list and it could not have happened to a sweeter person. Chrissy was the one who took Bentley’s very first pictures at only a days old, coincidental this was her first photo shoot. It is now a little tradition that she takes his photos each month to capture is growth in pictures.  I love to see how much he has grown and it is amazing to see the professional growth as well. Thanks Chrissy for capturing the moments I want to remember forever.

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