Monday, December 3, 2012

Playing Catch-Up

Boy it has been a while since I have posted...these past few weeks have been nothing short of eventful! I was debating whether to just start anew with today moving forward or to a re-cap of the days since. I decided, because of the many things that took place to do a small it goes.

Trottin around
Leland was glad to have grandma

 Every year before Thanksgiving Leland's school does a Turkey Trot...basically we run/walk back and forth for 20 minutes (no doubt because they know we will soon be stuffing our faces). It's fun though and the kids enjoy it. This year Grandma, Bentley, and Andrew came along as well.

My attempt at a Turkey veggie
tray...via Pinterest
What do you think?
One of my awesom Black Friday
finds...Bentley loves this!
  For the past few years Thanksgiving has been held at our home, we enjoy having people over here. I love to entertain (although my pet peeve is that not all of my plates and glasses match). It was a nice evening...until later that night when my mom, sister, and I shopped till we dropped (literally...Katie dropped on the floor at JC Penny's and fell asleep.  However, I did score 3 of my most wanted items: a waffle maker, gray boots, and a wireless printer..SCORE! We got some good deals but the best part was the memories. We started this tradition two years ago on a whim and I love it every year.                                                                                                                        .

My birthday was on the 26th and I still can't believe I am 29...ugh! Although, they do say that the 30's are the new 20's I sure hope there is some truth to that and it wasn't just someone saying it out of sympathy! I had a decent birthday. My husband gave me a Broncos jersey (yep, I'm a Manning girl) and the boys have me a SodaStream which so far I love; however, not to crazy about the cherry cola flavor.

Custom made coasters. Email me for orders
Christmas is around the corner...why not give something
My brother had what they call a senior boutique this past week. It is between a yard sale and craft fair for the seniors to raise money for the end of year trip to Washington D.C. Mom and I crafted our hearts out; unfortunately  we weren't as successful as we'd hoped. I displayed my pictures as well and have to be honest was a little bummed that I received no orders. I know I just have to keep chugging along and have confidence in myself. Rome wasn't built in a day. 

We finally put up our Christmas tree this weekend, aside from the crazy warm weather it makes it feel a bit more like Christmas around here. I love seeing Bentley's reaction to the tree, he has such innocent enjoyment. I love to decorate for Christmas all the decorations and trinkets are just so beautiful...I need to homes just to fit all my wants into them! Again, this is where my love for Pinterest grows as I am able to make many different things myself and personalize my holiday home. 
Letting Bentley take the angel
tradition this year with
a little help from daddy

My accomplishment for this week...the sock bun. I have been trying AND trying to get this hairstyle down and I finally think I've mastered it (enough to get noticed and asked about it anyway). I love this do! They have pre-made donuts at drug and department stores but I've found that a good ol' traditional sock works best.  
Sock bun:side view

Boots: TJ Maxx
Knee Length socks: Target
Black Skinny's
Tank: Walmart
Sweater: Walmart
Red Necklace: Goodwill
Gray flats: Goodwill
Black Skinny's; Target
Blouse: Target
Leopard Belt: Target


  1. Hahaha THE SOCK BUN! I've been trying to master that as well! It's so hard when you have thin hair like me. Yours looks great though! :)

    Lynette @ lynette marie

    1. Thanks! It does take practice...and boy did I practice a lot! A little trick, start the sock with your hair upside down (like how you would when blow drying). :)