Sunday, December 16, 2012

I couldn't continue without this....

Blogging has been something I have enjoyed doing.Sharing information, styles, products and other things that would hopefully inspire another. This past week as I sit down to write for my blog my thoughts become lost. I kept telling myself to write about this or that knowing that as a new blogger with hopes of success I knew consistency was key but my heart just wouldn't move past the tragedy in Connecticut. 

My Internet time usually begins with Facebook, twitter, or news. Throughout the day my mind is full of blogging ideas always thinking "Hey, this would be cute!" Then as I turn my computer on ready to share I am reminding of the unthinkable. My inspiration comes to a heart wrenching halt as I learn more and more about each victim and their personal stories. I wanted to write about the event but then again thought "No, I will share something that may help others to escape reality...even for a moment." I couldn't do that, no matter how hard I tried. The victims and their families have been heavy on my heart and constantly in my prayers...still bringing tears to my eyes. I had to share my thoughts...even if it is just for myself. I wish I could tell each person how sorry I was; although, I know it wouldn't make the hurt go away. I, along with so many others, wish we could help....even just a little.

Just as I sit here to write I continuously come to a blank...a loss for words. It is impossible to share verbally how I feel as I am sure many others are.  Friday was a tragic reminder that I take many things for granted: each kiss, hug, "I love you" and little drawing.  

I am thankful for my family and blessed to have 3 amazing boys.

They say time heals and will take a great deal of time for these families to find some sort of peace but I hope they know that there is a nation behind them. Although they cannot see us we are hugging them and although they cannot hear us we are praying for them. 

Although it is true that we don't know what future holds, I'm not going to live in fear that "tomorrow may never come," I am going to live in the blessing of being given today and allowed to enjoy and cherish each little moment.

Lori Jewel  

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