Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Spruced Up Outlets

       My husband and I recently redecorated our living room and I was tired of seeing the plain old white outlets and that's when it came to me... To heck with tradition I'm dressing these babies up! Sure you can go to the Hardware store and buy a new outlet/switch plate but where's the fun in that? And who doesn't love an excuse to craft (ok...well, half the male population but whose keeping count?). Not to mention that it is a unique way to bring your own personal style to the room. 
So instead of buying new outlet/face plates why not spruce them up a bit? It take only a few supplies are hardly any time.

What you will need:
Faceplate (obviously)
Spray paint one (if needed)*
Lace fabric (any color)
Spray paint for top

Lay down some newspaper (may seem obvious but I've forgotten this common sense law before). If you are changing the color do so now and let dry.
Once the outlet/switch plates are dry lay your lace fabric over top and lightly spray in a swooping motion the spray paint two over top. You can over a few times to darken the shade if you want. Remove the fabric slowly and let dry. Spray a few light coats of clear protective gloss on top and viola you've got some snazzy covers! 

*(if you are not happy with the base color of the faceplate first spray paint it to a desired color)

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