Sunday, November 4, 2012 new obsession

    Sunday was another DIY weekend for our family. We have been spending most weekends improving our home and making projects and I must say I have really enjoyed it.  I know I am growing up when I go from wanted to spend the weekend at the mall to wanting to spend the weekend at Home Depot.  I remember going there with my parents when I was younger, in fact it felt like a second home.  After Lois and I walked through all the display doors, sat on the display toilets and tried out the showers we became deathly bored.  I vowed I would never step foot into a Home Depot when I was an adult...well, that vow went out the window.

     Today I attempted the transfer pin that some may have seen on Pinterest. Basically it is transferring a picture from regular printer paper to a board. I was pretty nervous and excited because I really wanted it to work. It also requires overnight drying which was quite trying on my patience but I made it through.  I am happy to report it was a SUCCESS! I will definitely being doing this craft again (a couple will be Christmas presents). Actually most of my presents this year will be handmade, which I love.
      Ryan had his own DIY project today as well and I love him for doing it. Our coffee table was becoming scratched through wear (and not to mention three boys) and I wanted to make it darker with a antique look, giving it some character. Ryan did a great job, it looks amazing and now our living room is really coming together.
I've gotten many of my ideas from Pinterest lately and this was one of them.  There are several links located on Pinterest for "How To's" but I am going to list it below as well for anyone interested. With the holidays coming up soon these are great gifts for Grandparents and friends.

Transferring pictures to wood
What will I need?
*Block of wood (in your desired size...I used 8 X 10)
*Picture printed on basic printer/copy paper (same size as your wood)
*Gel Medium
*Mod Podge

How do I do it?
Brush gel medium onto your wood (not to much but not to little). Place picture (face side down) onto the piece of wood and smooth out any bubbles. Let this dry overnight (or for at least 5 hours). After it is dry wet the paper and rub it off gently to reveal the picture. Soaking a washcloth in water and letting it sit on the paper for a few minutes makes this easier.  Once the paper is removed brush mod podge onto the wood. Let dry and viola! Hope you enjoy it :-)

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