Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Being Remembered of the Blessings

You know those little reminders in life?
The small ones like:
"Ha, that's why I don't leave the milk out and no it does not become cottage cheese..."
Oh yea, that is why I put the RedBox movie in my purse...to RETURN it. Or not...because more than likely it will become mine $25.00 later."

The big ones like:
"Who the heck was I kidding trying to handle it all on my own? Let alone thinking I was alone in it all."

My family is there through thick and thin. I can call my mom at any time of day or night (although for a few moments at midnight I am a strange woman calling her mom) and she will be there-or here if I need her to be-in moments. I take for granted so often those in my life that I can trust and count on when in need both physical and spiritual. My mom is currently out-of-state and although I love that she is able to visit her parents (and I am sure these times with her mom and dad remind her of the same blessing I have) I will hate that she is so far...but yet, she isn't. Just a phone call...no, not the same as a hug or seeing her face but her voice alone can calm me from any state or lift me from any low. God blessed me with an amazing mother and I am forever grateful. People tell me I don't know how lucky I am...trust me, I do.

My mom is one of my greatest supporters but I've also been reminded of how incredibly my husband is. We may have our moments (and they are rare at that) but when I need him (or anyone for that matter) he is there in a heartbeat. He really is my rock...and I do not give him or our marriage enough credit.

Another source of strength which I can rely on at any time of day or not (and if I do so at midnight will not be accused of being a strange lady) is God. I am not the outspoken and certainly not the ideal person of faith but yes, it is there. I pray often even just for a few moments and I am immediately calm, if not, than I am not listening to His comfort just of my own fears. People say they fear God...it's not a negative fear per se...but the His abilities can be fearful. Went down the wrong path at that fork in the road (why the heck (excuse my ditzyness it is 5:00 am) do they call it a fork in the road...I have never eaten from a two prong fork)? Yep, the way back may not be so awesome. Made the wrong choice? Righting that isn't gonna be an easy task. However, what I do know down that wrong fork prong making the wrong choice that when I turn around 
He is there to guide me.

He brought you to it...he will bring you through it
Cast your fears upon Jesus
He will give you nothing you cannot handle.

Those who know me know that this is not my typical mantra; however, today brought a lot of things forward that I have not thought of or things that I did not want to admit.

Here is to a better tomorrow...to a brighter future...and.just.to...


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