Monday, February 4, 2013

Celebrating with the Top Chef

The Next Top Chef

Leland absolutely loves to cook and bake and well anything else kitchen related…except the dishes, he’s not too fond of those for some reason. So it seemed fitting to focus his 7th birthday around that theme, I give you Leland…’The Next Top Chef’!

Welcome/party favor table
I had the sign made at Walgreens

I was determined to put many of my beloved Pinterest finds to use for his party and I’m proud to announce my success! There were five stations each with its own purpose: Welcome/party favors, Pizza! Pizza, Cupcake Creations, Let’s get poppin’, and Lemonade stand.
Pizza! Pizza!
Cupcake Creations
The decorations were fairly easy to make and cost a lot less than they would have if I had purchased them made.  Although I could not have done it alone so huge thanks to my mom, mother-in-law, and hubby for helping with food a preparations <3.
The popcorn staion
Have some lemonade!

The final product...looks good is I say so myself!

Speaking of food…I usually have food for both adults and children; however, this time the kids made their own mini pizza and for the adults we provided appetizers. I love the idea of several appetizers instead of one main dish, especially since the party time was between lunch and dinner.  There was toasted ravioli (yum), mini tacos, macaroni and cheese mini cups, and pizza bites.  All of the food was a hit!

You cannot have a birthday party without some games…right?! So, we had to add in a few cooking theme games, which let me tell you took a bit of research. First game of the day…”Can you find the tomatoes in the spaghetti?” The catch? Blindfolded and barefoot!! Must have been hard because none of the kids were successful! Later we gave it a similar try with “Can you find the gummy worms in the Jello?” The kids were pretty good at that one; however, since they were blindfolded they had no clue it was Jello and were disgusted when they found out! It was pretty darn funny to see and hear their reactions…I think they had fun. 

The rest of the party was devoted to spending time with family. We also did some snacking on our popcorn and cupcakes which were a huge success. I must say the popcorn machine is one of my favorite kitchen gadgets!

Leland got some great art supplies, a slushy shaker (which was to be a Christmas present but Ryan and I forgot about it…lol), his very one cutting board, and of course money. Although Leland is not a money kid…he gets excited when he receives money but tend to forget all about it in 5 minutes; however, I am sure that will change soon. 

My lipstick note...Leland blushed

His actually birthday is today and I woke him with a lipstick message on the mirror (they love that) and a candle loaded donut (sorry Mrs. Hinkle).  Tonight’s menu is spaghetti and meatballs which is his favorite meal of all time.

I love celebrating my boy’s birthday, they are bittersweet moments.  I am excited to see them grow and develop but heartbroken to realize how much time as passed and how fast it is passing.  These moments remind me that every day is a gift. It’s an opportunity to say “I love you”, to give another hug, share another kiss, and make another memory.

It is a good thing I love to plan birthday parties…It is now time to plan Bentley’s second (ugh, where does time go) in just a few weeks. His theme…nautical…LOVE IT!


Lori Jewel

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